Why You No Listen to Your Heart?!

After spending twenty-plus years honing her skills in the highly-structured corporate environment, Brooke set out on her own to use those skills in helping women and entrepreneurs succeed. Brooke founded and is actively involved in several dynamic organizations, including Viva Club Mexico, inspiring women to reclaim their joie de vivre through engaging workshops and adventure travel. Brooke teams up with dynamic, world-class co-facilitators to deliver the best "scream viva" experience possible.  When not in Mexico, Brooke is helping entrepreneurs navigate the growth stage of their business though her company Springboard Ventures.  Brooke Martellaro lives nestled in the pines of Colorado with her golden retriever, Meko.  She loves golfing, traveling, wining and dining with friends and discovering new adventures.

Retreats are Sunday to Sunday.  Investment*: $2,500 - $2,800 USD, depending on single or double occupancy rooms.  Return on Investment:  Priceless.

*Investment includes workshop tuition, adventures, room and board.  Investment does not include airfare, transfers, and spending money.

Retreat Facilitators

Celebrate the magical gift of your intuition.  Come for a powerful week in beautiful Playa del Carmen and feel the Mayan spirit nurture and feed your soul.  In this workshop, we will explore our relationship with ourselves and learn to tune into our emotional guidance systems. You will come home feeling more alive, more confident in your decision-making, clearer in moving forward on your life’s path, and most of all, excited to live your life to the fullest Screaming VIVA!!  This will be a unique experience and one you won’t soon forget.  Don’t miss out on this workshop and bring a pal with you.

Cindy Hartzell has devoted the past nine years to a path of self-growth, empowerment and professional development in experiential learning and coaching.  Cindy’s passion is partnering with her gentle and wise horses to support individuals who seek to rediscover their inner strengths and purpose.  Cindy’s company, Horses Helping Humans, uses an experiential approach with her horses designed to bring people a better understanding of how they present themselves in the world and how changes in their beliefs and subsequently their behavior can create positive changes in their lives.  Cindy is working on a variety of self-discovery and empowerment workshops that she will facilitate nationwide. 

Connect with Cindy at www.horseshelpinghumans.com or cyahart@yahoo.com