Brooke Martellaro motivates women going through divorce or heartbreak to “scream viva” again!  After experiencing her own devastating heartbreak and spending years getting herself back together, she landed in the enchanting Playa del Carmen, Mexico where she learned that to “scream viva” means to get back up when a relationship knocks you down, start your life anew, and find the courage to look for love again.

In her new book, Why You No Scream Viva?!, she shows women how to find adventure in heartbreak and laughter in adversity, based on her own personal experience.  She takes those lessons even further by offering women a chance to have their own “scream viva” experience.  Viva Club Mexico Retreats are designed to inspire women to reclaim their joie de vivre through engaging workshops and adventure travel. 

"I don’t want to see even one more woman spending another day not living her life to its fullest over a man who obviously doesn't see her greatness to begin with.  My goal is to inspire as many women as possible to be their greatest selves, so that together we can create the positive change this world needs. By the way, I love men – just not the ones who don’t appreciate my beautiful heart.”  

Brooke Martellaro lives nestled in the pines of Colorado with her golden retriever, Meko.  She loves golfing, traveling, wining and dining with friends and discovering new adventures.

About Brooke

Mission & Vision

My mission is to teach women that life works far better when you’re having fun and that suffering is indeed optional. My vision is to inspire as many women as possible to be their greatest selves, post break-up, creating a ripple effect of positive change in this world.