The book, Why You No Scream Viva?! chronicles the sometimes hilarious adventures Brooke Martellaro experiences.  Rocked by the unexpected departure of her life partner, Martellaro found herself on the eve of her 40th birthday newly single and confused about her place in this world. 

Brooke co-facilitates VIVA CLUB MEXICO RETREATS for women. These one week adventures in Playa del Carmen are designed to inspire women to reclaim their joie de vivre through engaging workshops and adventure travel. 

OTHER EVENTS: Brooke also presents workshops and speaking engagements. 

My goal is to inspire as many women as possible to be their greatest selves, so that together we can create the positive change this ​world needs.

Congratulations Lauryn Harris!  Pack your bags for your Viva Club Mexico Retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. 

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